Water is Life in Angola

Water is Life in Angola

The rural community of Buniangolo-Luengue, located within the Cubal Municipality, is approximately 9 kilometers from Cubal town. According to the village Chief, Mr. Augusto Dondi – who at 76 years of age is one of the oldest members of the community – the population of the village is 645.

The population of Buniangolo-Luengue has suffered from the prolonged drought affecting much of Southern Angola. Consequently, the community members were thrilled and excited to learn JAM was not only supporting the local primary school with daily feeding, but also drilling and installing a water well in their community.

Prior to drilling and installing a water well and hand pump in Buniangolo-Luengue village, the population had to walk two kilometers to reach the nearest water source. The water source is unprotected and is used by livestock as well as by community members for drinking, bathing and washing clothes. The contaminated water was a frequent source of debilitating water-borne diseases affecting children and adults, such as chronic diarrhea.

The village Chief expressed with sadness that children died from such illnesses caused by contaminated water. Hence, the people rejoiced when they saw our drilling team starting to drill for water right in their village.

The situation of drinking water has now changed for the better with the establishment of the water well and hand-pump. Now women and children spend less time fetching water for the household and they exert less energy on this daily task since the water is right within the community.

Of course, the primary improvement to the quality of life for the people of Bundiangolo-Luengue will be the reduction in water-borne diseases and better health, especially for young children.

Water is life and the gift of clean water in this village will help protect the lives of the children and other community members. If you would like to also contribute to empowering other communities like Bunjangolo-Luengue, please contact JAM on email: info@jamint.com