Uganda, home to the largest refugee population in Africa currently faces massive humanitarian challenges with the current population expected to reach 100 million by 2050 (WFP Uganda ). Thousands are reaching Uganda monthly, with up to 400 refugees arriving daily.

In partnership with the Uganda Refugee and Disaster Management Council (URDMC), JAM is focused on food security and livelihoods for the displaced refugees. Working alongside partner organisations, JAM’s interventions serve to provide immediate relief in the form of food, bowls and cooking utensils. This is but a small intervention, aimed at assisting desperate communities that arrive in Uganda with nothing but the clothes on their backs after fleeing from violence and strife.

Working towards a more sustainable solution, JAM implements agricultural training for the refugee communities in order to create vegetable gardens where they can diversify their diet, as well as sell the surplus to create an income. JAM is the only organisation implementing this type of programme, in particular at Imvepi refugee camp.

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