So much more than water

At JAM international we are privileged to see how seemingly small contributions and projects can change the way an entire community functions for the better.  No story illustrates this better than a water well that has been installed through the JAM international clean water projects funded by the German Rotary society. Londimba is a community

Not quite ruby slippers, but “magic” shoes for little Maria

Maria is a six-year-old little girl in grade one in Mozambique who recently received her very first gift… a pair of shoes, the first pair of shoes she has ever owned or been given to wear. Maria’s father died when she was a year old, and when her mother re-married, her stepfather refused to have

Education breaks the cycle of poverty

There is a familiar saying. “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a life-time.” For Fabien Uwitonze a 17 year-old young man from Rukaza Village in Rwanda, the JAM Vocational Training Centre where he is currently enrolled on a bursary

JAM’s contribution provides refugees with dignity

Without having lived as a refugee, there are certain assumptions about the hardships that refugees endure.  Most refugees arrive at the reception centres in new countries having fled war, terrorists or natural disasters, having lost everything they have ever owned.  Many only have the clothes on their back. Over 2.3 million refugees, 80% of them

Hope at last

Mabinty Sankoh is just ten years old, yet in her very short lifetime she has had more hardships than most people experience in a lifetime. Instead of growing bitter, she speaks of her experiences with a smile, not because they weren’t difficult, but because she now has hope. Mabinty Sankoh in her school uniform When

A toddler’s life saved by swift action in South Sudan

As a parent there is nothing more distressing than the hungry cries of your child when you have no way of feeding them.  For Ngaricho Kadai, a young mother who had fled severe flooding in Thangajon in Pibor county, losing everything she owned, the situation became life-threatening when her almost 3year old toddler, Jiji’s health

Fractured Lives

We call for the end of senseless conflicts that lock the children of Africa in the vicious cycle of displacement, poverty and hunger. We call on African governments and humanitarian organizations to ensure equal access to assistance for refugee and migrant children, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. After approximately six years of civil war, more than

Motivating Children to Attend School: A Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The JAM school feeding programme operating in Angola, along with the Lego 6 brick and Tom’s shoe distribution programmes have become motivating factors that see students coming back to school again and again. The promise of a hot meal every day, a privilege many in the community go without, along with the care clearly visible

Clean Water Saves Lives!

For many people reading this story, access to clean, safe water is something that is easily taken for granted.  With just a twist of a tap, clean water is available for drinking, household cleaning and sanitary uses. But in the village of Bobiane in Morrumbene, the Adventist church water point, a closed well, was the

Empowering the youth through education

For many people reading this article, the promise of a bright future is an assumption made based on resources and the family we were raised in. But what if that family was living in poverty and starvation had hounded you your whole life?  Would you still be where you are today? At JAM we have

JAM international empowers a community

When JAM was founded in 1984, the vision of fighting hunger in Africa was one that would lead the JAM team thousands of kilometres away to a primary school in Masakong, Sierre Leone where children would take up this vision and provide food for their community. This story is about how one small action like

The JAM international team help a mother save her son’s life

Ngangdong is a four-year-old little boy in South Sudan who was rescued by the JAM international team when his desperate mother, Koliwa Lou, brought him and his six siblings to the JAM nutritional facility in Pibor county. Ngangdong’s little body had painful swelling all over it, some of it typical to malnutrition, but with other