School Improvements

Are you up for a life-changing experience? We invite you to participate first-hand in impacting a community in Africa.

Teams from around the world take on the challenge to raise funds to upgrade a rural school facility. Fundraisers are invited to join us in Africa, to meet our staff, visit our programmes and participate in school improvement/makeover projects. On arrival, teams are accommodated at nearby facilities and travel to the school each day to complete the upgrade within seven to ten days. The type of improvements you will do is dependent on the funds raised and projects will be allocated accordingly

We take care of the itinerary for you so that you can fully immerse yourself in the journey. Whether it includes a visit to assist the team in serving children a school lunch (in our famous red bowls!), taking part in a school activity or helping the kids plant a tree, being part of transforming their school environment is spoken of to be the most rewarding team-building adventure you can imagine, and we welcome any organisation or group that wants to join us in coming alongside us to assist a community in Africa.

Hard-working volunteers also get to take in some of the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, and if time permits, along our journey you could get to take a dip in the sea or go on a safari!

If you’d like to learn more, please contact