Safe water resources no longer a struggle or a threat for the Grudia Community

Safe water resources no longer a struggle or a threat for the Grudia Community

For most of us, access to fresh drinking water is as simple as turning a tap, but for the community of Grudia, a village in Mozambique, access to fresh water has always been a constant struggle.

Before the JAM water maintenance intervention, community members had to dip plastic containers into a muddy open well.  Although the community tried their best to sanitise the water, many households suffered from water-borne diseases resulting in diarrhoea, vomiting and general poor health.

Grudia Village was originally better resourced than most in the area, with two solar and diesel water powered systems providing the community with fresh drinking and cooking water. Unfortunately, various parts in these systems broke due to general wear and tear, and the community were not trained adequately in the upkeep of these systems. Desperate to restore the vital resource of safe drinking water to the community, community leaders approached two different NGO’s for assistance in finding the parts for the solar water systems.

 Although these NGO’s promised the Grudia community speedy assistance, days turned into weeks and after two full months without any progress the community leaders then approached the JAM Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) team for assistance.

The JAM Water Teams have over 20 years of experience in water drilling and installation of water pumps, providing clean water to remote communities in Africa

After just two weeks, the JAM team had acquired the missing parts and repaired the solar water systems.  In addition, the team had upgraded the power source of the water pumps so that they were solely reliant on solar energy, reducing the community’s reliance on costly diesel to pump fresh water.

Clean water is vital for the health of young children

The efficient work of the JAM team, along with the thoughtful improvements to the systems so to enable the Grudia community members to access clean drinking water regardless of their financial situation, has drastically improved the quality of life in this community. Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right, but for many communities the reality of life without clean water includes disease, poor hygiene and a constant daily struggle to find safe water with many people walking well over ten kilometres in a day in their search for water.

The JAM WASH team is dedicated to supporting and empowering communities with access to safe water.

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