JAM’s Development Approach

In accordance with our tagline , Helping Africa Help Itself, JAM works closely with communities to implement programs that not only provide immediate humanitarian relief but to implement sustainable change for our beneficiaries, taking them from vulnerable to stable.

Our core programmes include Food and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation as well as Community Agricultural and Livelihoods.

We help Africa Help Itself through the following programmes:

Food and Nutrition

JAM currently provides close to a million meals through food and nutrition assistance. The majority of those served is through our school feeding programmes which provide sufficient nutrition to ensure successful development both physically and scholastically, our commitment to ensuring a better future for every child.

Through our outpatient therapeutic programmes in and around vulnerable communities, screening , active case-finding and proper management of malnutrition takes place.
Community agriculture initiatives are aimed at improving crop production, diet diversification and to boost and develop self-sustainability.

Community Agriculture and Livelihoods

As a complement to our school feeding programs, school gardens and other grassroots educational initiatives are implemented for a greater variety and nutritional fortification in diet. Larger community agriculture initiatives that facilitate increased production, crop protection, post harvest storage and market linkages also form a part of our programmes. Through the development of value-chain systems, our programmes are creating sustainable livelihood solutions for beneficiaries.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

JAM establishes approximately 120 water wells (boreholes) annually in communities that lack access to clean water. Accompanying these wells are hand and solar pump solutions as well. JAM also implements rainwater-harvesting solutions where drilling is not possible. Besides providing sustainable water solutions, beneficiaries are also given comprehensive water and sanitation education through various WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programmes.



Emergency Relief

JAM stands ready to respond to emergencies directly affecting the lives of those located in the countries in which we operate. We also remain active in refugee resettlement, livelihood and resilience building programs, and other forms of crisis relief.