Mother’s Day

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Cattle raids exacerbate volatile situations - by Murray Anderson

JAM South Africa salutes mothers in our rural areas and informal settlements who strive to do their best for their children despite the harsh conditions. Those who live in rural areas are usually surrounded by beautiful scenery but live in mud huts which have no electricity, sanitation or running water. The nearest towns and their amenities are kilometres away and transport is not easy to come by. This means many women have to walk long distances to take their children to school, the clinic or grocery store. In urban areas, informal settlements are densely populated and housing is typically a corrugated iron shack that is freezing in winter, baking hot in summer and leaky when the rain falls. Homes are not insulated or well ventilated and seldom have proper toilets or running water. Litter, fires and open sewage are just some of the health and safety hazards these families face every day. This is not to mention the violence and other social ills such as drug and alcohol abuse. Employment is scarce and children’s education takes a back seat as the fight for survival gives focus to the most basic of needs. JAM South Africa believes that educational and social reforms begin with nutrition. More than two million South African pre-school children go to bed hungry each night. Many of these children are stunted physically and mentally due to a lack of nutrition and those who do attend some sort of school are often not adequately taught or stimulated. JAM supports the mothers, aunts, sisters, grandmothers and other young women who care for the vulnerable children in these areas. Every day, the children in their care receive a Red Bowl of highly nutritious porridge to ensure they are getting 75% of their daily requirements of micro and macro-nutrients. Our gift of food assists the women who run the childcare centres to save money. Our forum workshops teach them to comply with government regulations that could lead to a subsidy. Our makeover programme gives them and the children a hygienic, bright and stimulating environment and our teacher and agricultural training assists them to become self-sufficient. Help us to help these women live an independent life so they can attend to the children in their care! R30 feeds a child for a month, R360 feeds a child for a year.

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