JAM, Government take hands

JAM, Government take hands

JAM, in collaboration with the Angolan Ministry of Education, hosted a week-long, national-level school feeding seminar called “School Feeding – A Sure Investment” in the city of Benguela in May 2013. The seminar brought together officials from the Ministries of Education, Health, Agriculture, Social Action and Inclusion, Family and Women and Commerce from both national and provincial levels.

The primary objective of the seminar was to educate, unlock and remove the complexities of how JAM’s successful nutritious school feeding programme works. JAM feeds 289,999 school children every school day and this deepens ties between JAM and the Angolan Ministry of Education and other ministries.

JAM was honoured to experience considerable political and local government support, specifically in the form of Vice Governor Epalanga of Benguela who opened the seminar. The programme was JAM-packed with insightful talks and presentations by senior ministry officials, such as Senor Domingos Torres and Manuel Gonga and officials from the JAM Angola Office.

The seminar was developed with equal emphasis placed on theory and practice, with delegates being afforded the opportunity to see JAM’s programme activities in the field. Delegates were presented with case studies on successful school feeding programs in Angola and Mozambique. To get a close-up of JAM’s operations in Angola, delegates accompanied JAM staff members on a base tour and visited schools in Catumbela, Caimbambo, Bocoio and Dombe Grande districts of Benguela where JAM implements its nutritional school feeding program.

Moreover, during a day-long workshop, officials were encouraged to share ideas they had learned and JAM staff to explore how school feeding could be best implemented in their respective provinces and municipalities. The lessons, skills and expertise JAM has developed over the years are a direct result of JAM’s commitment to the Angolan people. Yet, the time is fast approaching where the Angolan Government has the capacity and finance to carry out its own School Feeding Programs with JAM as its preferred implementing partner.

As an organisation, JAM’s vision of Helping Africa Help Itself is best embodied in the steps being taken by the Angolan Ministry of Education to help themselves by learning and committing themselves, and their budgets, to financing their own school feeding programmes in a sustainable manner with JAM’s assistance.

JAM invites you to also make a difference by taking hands with JAM, not only for Angolan children, but also for children in the other African countries where JAM works. Please email: info@jamint.com for further details about how you can get involved in JAM’s school feeding programs.