JAM international empowers a community

JAM international empowers a community

When JAM was founded in 1984, the vision of fighting hunger in Africa was one that would lead the JAM team thousands of kilometres away to
a primary school in Masakong, Sierre Leone where children would take up this vision and provide food for their community.

This story is about how one small action like planting a few seeds can lead to a great harvest, not just of food, but of skills, understanding and hope for a better future.

JAM international began work at the Muslim Brotherhood Primary School by providing a nutritional breakfast for learners at the school.  The school was
selected to be one of 20 schools, out of the 88, in Sierra Leone supported by JAM international, to take part in the Schools Garden Project.

This project provides seeds, knowledge and assistance to the teachers and learners to help them grow food to provide additional sustenance to school meals.

JAM provided orange flesh sweet potatoes to the school, along with agriculture information and assistance. The Muslim Brotherhood Primary School
teachers and children cultivated the potatoes from seed to harvest, providing enough sweet potatoes to feed the 300 children at the school with lunch for 3 days!

But it isn’t just the food that is so important.

The knowledge that every child has gained from this project means that they can educate their families on how to grow sweet potatoes
increasing the accessibility and diversity of food available to, not only the children, but other members of the family as well.

The Schools Gard en Project initiative isn’t just about adding diversity to the children’s diets, but it is also about the sustainability of the community
and vital agriculture education that can break the cycle of poverty in these communities.

The proof of this education is summarised in this sweet statement from a young girl at The Muslim Brotherhood Primary School.

“We enjoyed the food very much, it tasted fresh, good and smooth and we hope we can do a larger scale garden to support our school
with food when the fortified rice, MannaPack is not available.  Thank you, JAM.  God bless, JAM.”

JAM International is eager to continue planting gardens at schools so that, along with the food these gardens produce, knowledge and hope can grow.