Empowering women provides a way out of poverty

Empowering women provides a way out of poverty

Amel Madut from Riangaker village, Aweil South County, Northern Bahr El Ghazal state in South Sudan is a 56-year-old mother with nine children who depend on her for food and care. Amel is a part of the Riangaker vegetable group consisting 50 members, with 34 female and 16 male, that was established with the support of WFP and FAO under the Food assistance for Asset (FFA) program in partnership with JAM.

Amel Madut kneels in front of her food garden

Amel has struggled all her life with crippling poverty, never knowing where her next meal would come from or how she would provide for her children.

“Before I started working with the JAM and the FFA programme, I would often forage for edible wild leaves and roots to try to provide a little food for my children.” She says.

Because of the number of mouths to feed in her family, Amel was identified as a prime candidate for the FFA programme.  Community members included in the programme are given access to seeds, planting, harvesting tools and watering equipment.

Each vegetable farmer is allotted an 80 square metre garden on which the FFA programme team trains community members to plant, grow and harvest fast growing crops.

“I am able to harvest vegetables from my garden every week, which I use to feed my family.”  Says Amel with a smile, “Any excess vegetables I sell at the market helps me to buy eggs, chicken and medicine for my family.” She tells us.

Amel proudly waters her bountiful harvest

The FFA programme is not only providing food for this family of ten, but it is also empowering Amel and her children with the skills they need to never be hungry again.

This combination of practical hunger prevention and food security skills development is the key to sustainable poverty alleviation.  Amel is already teaching her young children how to plant, grow and harvest food, so that wherever life leads them, her children already have the skills to provide for themselves and their families.

Your contribution to JAM is not only keeping people from starving, it is also breaking the cycle of poverty in communities where the hope of a steady source of food and income in the past, only a dream.

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