Creating sustainable waves of change in Africa

Creating sustainable waves of change in Africa

This is the story of how JAM is making an unforgettable footprint in African development, as seen through the eyes of Cathy Ciaramitaro, a loyal JAM Ambassador.

I have enjoyed the wonderful experience of traveling to South Africa and Mozambique to visit JAM several times now. I have never been more impressed or excited about a humanitarian organization and how they operate than I am about this one.

The Founders of JAM, Peter and Ann Pretorius, have worked for the past 30 years with integrity and a passionate vision to feed children in Africa. Today, they are feeding over one million children twice daily through the school systems in four African nations, Angola, South Africa, South Sudan and Mozambique.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting several of the schools JAM works with and I am impressed not only with the nutritional “red bowl” meals they serve, but also with the water wells and community gardens they have developed on the school properties. Their vision of “Helping Africa Help Itself” is definitely being proven by their commitment to teach farming to the school children alongside the feeding program.

I have personally known Peter and Ann for the past 28 years and love them for their humility, sincerity, and desire to build this organization on relationships. They have made the decision to operate as fiscally as possible and use every penny wisely, with the intent to put the highest percent possible towards the actual farming development and feeding of the children.

JAM’s record speaks for itself. You can feed seven children per year with what it costs many other organisations to feed only one. Having had the privilege to attend several of their development and strategy meetings, I am convinced they are one of the best investments to help the poor in Africa.

Cathy Ciaramitaro