Communities remain scared, vulnerable; affected by violence

Communities remain scared, vulnerable; affected by violence

The Jonglei state capital of Bor in South Sudan has been a key battleground during the civil conflict. Security officials estimate that the town was captured and recaptured at least four times, leaving much of the town reduced to rubble.

JAM’s Global Chief Finance Officer, Angie Stankovic, reported after a recent fact-finding mission that the once thriving town was filled with sad and unsettling scenes that provide a glimpse of the many lives lost.

Our sub-office in Bor was destroyed in the crossfire of the conflict. Fortunately, none of our staff members or their family members were harmed in the conflict.

Many communities remain scared and vulnerable. Together with partner agencies, we continue to engage the people affected by the crisis on a daily basis.

Since the May ceasefire agreement was signed, a relative peace has descended on the country and in particular on Bor. There has been a noticeable reduction in the amount of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS) in the area. In June, our sub-office in Bor provided 71,995 metric tons of food to over 4,100 families through our General Food Distribution programme.

JAM’s experience, approach, reliability and African identity have resulted in introductory talks with organisations such as UNICEF and the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UNFAO) to explore the expansion of JAM’s current programmes.

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