Nutritional Feeding

The Jonglei state capital of Bor in South Sudan has been a key battleground during the civil conflict. Security officials estimate that the town was captured and recaptured at least four times, leaving much of the town reduced to rubble. JAM’s Global Chief Finance Officer, Angie Stankovic, reported after a recent fact-finding mission that the

JAM’s Founder and Group CEO, Peter Pretorius (second from left), former JAM cameraman, Gerry Prinsloo (third from right), and Barry Mcnamara, far right, (VP of JAM Water Services). Taken during a field visit to Angola in 1992, this image tells a story that could have come straight out of Hollywood. During the trip, Peter heard

The village of hunger

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In August, JAM’s Founder and Group CEO Peter Pretorius travelled to Angola as one of his many annual trips to JAM’s programme countries in Africa. On his return to Head Office, at an extraordinary public address to staff, Peter told a story of a community he had visited. While visiting the Ganda Malnutrition Clinic, which

A mother’s heart

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For many families, women are the anchors that hold the unit together. These ‘anchors’ play a significant part in helping JAM deliver our delicious and nutritious meals to hungry and eager students. On a daily basis, women in Angola, South Africa and Mozambique voluntarily give of their time to prepare and cook JAM’s nutritious porridge.

JAM Angola continues to be a treasured partner to hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries in Benguela Province through our varied and vital programme work. JAM’s commitment and longstanding presence has resulted in JAM being a respected and viable and reputable development partner for numerous international donors. Yet, it has been a longstanding vision of JAM

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (UNFAO) has warned that the conflict in South Sudan poses a risk to food security and nutrition. JAM understands only too well the complexities and challenges facing South Sudan, having begun its Nutritional Feeding programme in that country in 2001. The month long conflict has plunged the country’s

Children get fighting chance

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The tragedy and injustice of a child dying from a lack of food should not happen in 2013. Sadly, cases of acute malnutrition are not uncommon in Africa. It is an injustice that JAM and its donors are fighting in Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and South Sudan. JAM distributes lifesaving F75 and F100 therapeutic milk