The exposure to gross poverty, disease and death that devastates poor communities in Africa, is never easy for our programmes team. Many of them have trouble sleeping after a long day of visiting and interacting with the people in these communities. One of the country’s that has been struggling with a number of debilitating socio-economic

Peter’s Heart Break

Friday, 20 February 2015 by

I had a good day, but very heartbreaking. I was with a lady who had fled to Uganda after her husband was killed in the fighting. She was in a refugee camp where she lost one of her children through severe malnutrition, so she returned to Bor in South Sudan hoping she would get food

Let’s provide them with water

Tuesday, 27 January 2015 by

Every time I am in the field and exposed to the challenges people face in rural Africa, it has a marked effect on me. I think it is grossly unfair that so much of the world can just open the faucet and enjoy clean, drinkable water, while such a large percentage of people walk for

This is the story of how JAM is making an unforgettable footprint in African development, as seen through the eyes of Cathy Ciaramitaro, a loyal JAM Ambassador. I have enjoyed the wonderful experience of traveling to South Africa and Mozambique to visit JAM several times now. I have never been more impressed or excited about

The Jonglei state capital of Bor in South Sudan has been a key battleground during the civil conflict. Security officials estimate that the town was captured and recaptured at least four times, leaving much of the town reduced to rubble. JAM’s Global Chief Finance Officer, Angie Stankovic, reported after a recent fact-finding mission that the

Water is Life in Angola

Tuesday, 23 September 2014 by

The rural community of Buniangolo-Luengue, located within the Cubal Municipality, is approximately 9 kilometers from Cubal town. According to the village Chief, Mr. Augusto Dondi – who at 76 years of age is one of the oldest members of the community – the population of the village is 645. The population of Buniangolo-Luengue has suffered

JAM’s Founder and Group CEO, Peter Pretorius (second from left), former JAM cameraman, Gerry Prinsloo (third from right), and Barry Mcnamara, far right, (VP of JAM Water Services). Taken during a field visit to Angola in 1992, this image tells a story that could have come straight out of Hollywood. During the trip, Peter heard

This is the story of how Rick Ciaramitaro, JAM Canadian Board member, hopes to contribute towards making a difference in the lives of thousands of African children in 2014 and beyond. What an amazing year 2013 has been. My wife, Cathy, and I have travelled across Canada and have also undertaken four overseas trips with

When people visit any one of JAM’s African programs, it usually proves to be a life-changing and inspiring experience. Pastor Steve Fleming, JAM Canada Board Member, shares his most recent experiences. In 2011, together with my wife, Beth, we visited a number of nursery school makeovers and feeding programs in South Africa. It was difficult to

This is the story of how JAM is entrenching sustainability in the communities we serve, as seen through the eyes of Murray Anderson, JAM Field Reporter. I have been to many of our field operations in the African countries that JAM serves, however each time I see the devastation that poverty causes in these communities,