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UNICEF and the World Food Programme report that close to a third of South Sudan’s population faces “acute” or “emergency” levels of hunger and malnutrition. Thousands of children remain stranded in remote parts of the country, where they are at risk of starvation. Aid agencies estimate that about 235 000 children could become dangerously malnourished

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With JAM having been involved in improving food security, providing nutritional relief and agricultural development in South Sudan since 2001, we are sensitive to the challenge of improving access to nutrition in the world’s newest nation. In November 2013, reported that the United Nations Food And Agricultural Organisation (UNFAO) called on the fledgling Government

Mozambique is one of the countries where JAM’s Nutritional Feeding programme is most needed due to the high levels of poverty in the country. With over 1 500 miles of coastline, numerous ports and access to large tuna fish stocks, Mozambique should be one of the world’s foremost fishing nations. However, it is not and