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Norwegian friends and partners of JAM love Africa and the work of JAM as we touch ordinary people in their own communities, with sustainable solutions and development programmes that address poverty alleviation, skills development and economic sustainability to benefit future generations, in spite of the many challenges they face.

Thanks for Sharing your finances with JAM Norway, we look forward to our partnership with you, as we work together to help Africa Help Itself.


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Floods hampering humanitarian efforts in South Sudan, calls for urgent response

Flooding in South Sudan is a seasonal occurrence although the frequency in recent years has been much higher with the current situation seemingly the worst yet. The Government of South Sudan has officially declared a state of emergency for three months, with over 650 000 people already having been affected in 17 out of 18 states

What we do today, determines their tomorrow

COVID-19 has consumed our world for close on six-months already, since officially being classified as a pandemic. In this time, global economies have shrunk, airlines have closed and businesses have shut down. Sadly, here in Africa, the biggest disaster of all has been the resultant hunger crisis. Already challenged food insecurity has been grossly accelerated

Impacting the health of refugees in Uganda

Health and wellness don’t seem to fit into the dire circumstances that accompany refugee camps. JAM International is taking a longer-term view of the refugee camps and utilizing them as an opportunity to change hygiene habits that impact the longterm health of refugees. Juan, a 35-year-old mother, fled to Uganda from South Sudan as internal

Making a difference in the lives of women and children in South Sudan

Perhaps you have a monthly amount that you donate to JAM International, but when you look at it in the context of your own expenses, you wonder how it could possibly make a difference. This article is a real-life example of a widow whose life is being changed month by month through the contributions made