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Norwegian friends and partners of JAM love Africa and the work of JAM as we touch ordinary people in their own communities, with sustainable solutions and development programmes that address poverty alleviation, skills development and economic sustainability to benefit future generations, in spite of the many challenges they face.

Thanks for Sharing your finances with JAM Norway, we look forward to our partnership with you, as we work together to help Africa Help Itself.


Bank: Handelsbanken
Account Name: Joint Aid Management
Account Number: 9049 11 29548
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Empowering women to create a better lives for their families

At 46-years-old, Nyanut is, for the first time in her life, self-sufficient and independent, and her newfound financial freedom is helping her to change destructive social norms. All of this is thanks to JAM’s Food Security and Livelihoods Programme, which aims to: Improve food security in vulnerable communities Uplift women by providing stable incomes Improve

A mother’s wish for happy, healthy children

It is every mother’s hope that their child is healthy and stays strong as they grow, and for most parents with access to quality food and water, while there may be concerns about the run-of-the-mill childhood diseases, life threatening malnutrition is usually not a worry for most. Mrs Awach, a resident in South Sudan, is

Safe water resources no longer a struggle or a threat for the Grudia Community

For most of us, access to fresh drinking water is as simple as turning a tap, but for the community of Grudia, a village in Mozambique, access to fresh water has always been a constant struggle. Before the JAM water maintenance intervention, community members had to dip plastic containers into a muddy open well.  Although

It’s as simple as AB Dream

Manuel grins over his bowl of JAM porridge as he chats happily to us about his hopes and dreams.  At just ten-years-old , Manual already has a fiery ambition and a dream to become a teacher so that he is able to uplift children in Cassima village, Angola where he lives with his family. But,