Imagine starting your year believing that life will continue as planned.  Your family will remain intact, happily and healthily, and your home, community, and all the things that make up everyday life will continue as normal. But then it starts to rain, and it doesn’t stop for days, then weeks on end.

Rivers flood and everything you own is swept away, leaving you and your family completely destitute. This is the story of thousands of people in the Pibor region in South Sudan where severe flooding forced families to flee to safety with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Many of these families faced a long and difficult journey to makeshift camps while governments struggled to cope with the devastating implications of the flooding.

For little Jijiyo, who was eight months old at the time her family was forced to flee the floods, this disaster very nearly claimed her life.  On arrival at a makeshift camp and place of safety, the JAM Emergency Response Team (ERT) was conducting malnutrition tests on people arriving from the surrounding areas and found that Jijiyo was dangerously malnourished.

The JAM ERT worked tirelessly with Jijiyo’s mother to ensure that she received the right type of nutrition to stabilize her condition, despite temporary living conditions and continued flooding.  

Jijiyo’s mother also received valuable nutritional information that helped to ensure, not only Jijiyo’s ongoing health but the health of Jijiyo’s two siblings.

The JAM Emergency Response team also identified Jijiyo and her family as high-risk individuals providing shelter, blankets, mosquito nets, and water purification tablets, all of which played a large role in ensuring the ongoing health of little Jijiyo and her family.

This story has a positive ending in which Jijiyo and her family have been provided for and equipped with the knowledge to help them thrive in the future.

Now imagine that there was no support for the JAM Emergency Response team. No funding for the life-giving tests and supplies.  Jijiyo’s story could have ended very differently if it wasn’t for people like you who continue to support JAM in the work that they do. 

Your generosity is making a life-giving difference! 

The flooding in South Sudan this year is at catastrophic levels, worse than it’s ever been. Our teams on the ground remain resolute in assisting the most vulnerable, but we need more funding.

Help us save lives, DONATE to JAM. 


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