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2016 - Joint Aid Management - JAM International

From Bleak Reality to Real Amazing

Packed with all the high emotions and all the big numbers worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, JAM unveils its ‘Real Amazing’ campaign to a star-studded gathering of guests at a glittering fundraising event held at the exclusive Avianto Wedding Venue in Johannesburg, South Africa on 15 September 2016. Guests are pleasantly surprised to find that


Day of the African Child

For close to 12,000 days, JAM has celebrated and nurtured the rights of the African child. On June 16th, together with the people of this great and complex continent, we celebrate the Day of the African Child. As an organisation established out of a need to provide relief and hope to those trapped and affected


Mother’s Day

JAM South Africa salutes mothers in our rural areas and informal settlements who strive to do their best for their children despite the harsh conditions. Those who live in rural areas are usually surrounded by beautiful scenery but live in mud huts which have no electricity, sanitation or running water. The nearest towns and their


Your Help is Her Hope

She gave birth to you, raised you to be who you are today. She provided you with healthy food, clean water, and a safe environment. Enable a mother in Africa to do the same for her precious child.   Give a Mother’s Day gift that can change a life this year. Partner with JAM to