Malnutrition in Africa

Malnutrition is
Africa's greatest challenge today

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JAM feeds 1 million+ beneficiaries a day

Access to Clean Water

JAM has provided
over 2500 wells to date

37% of people in Africa
don't have access to clean water

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Sustainable Agriculture

Africa's best answer to poverty:


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Feeding a child works miracles

Real Amazing Christmas

Real Amazing Christmas

REAL Challenges are faced daily on the continent of Africa. Hunger and malnutrition continue to be major contributing causes of death in children. Health, school attendance and school performance are adversely affected leaving these children at a great disadvantage in life. We cannot rest while children and families suffer!
South Sudan appeal with Peter Pretorius
Real Amazing Agriculture

Real Amazing Agriculture

The Real Water Crisis: And Amazing Solutions
The Real Water Crisis: And Amazing Solutions

The Real Water Crisis: And Amazing Solutions

Clean water is a basic human right, but the hard reality is that 319 million people in sub-saharan Africa don’t have access to safe water. Water related diseases are responsible for many illnesses and deaths in rural communities. Women and children in Africa are responsible for the collection of water and often walk for up to six hours each day to reach a water source. Their journey through various areas puts them at risk of attack and rape.