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Welcome to JAM Norway

Norwegian friends and partners of JAM love Africa and the work of JAM as we touch ordinary people in their own communities, with sustainable solutions and development programmes that address poverty alleviation, skills development and economic sustainability to benefit future generations, in spite of the many challenges they face.

I år feirer JAM at vi har hjulpet fattige i Afrika i 30 år. Samtidig feirer vi det faktum at vi nå gir mat til over 1 million barn hver skoledag . Dette har blitt gjort mulig gjennom dedikasjon fra vårt team og trofast giving fra våre venner og samarbeidspartnere av JAM.' ~ Peter Pretorius.--

Famine Stalks South Sudan

Since December 2013, almost three million people have fled from the brutal war that began in Juba and quickly fanned out into the country. In late February this year, famine was declared in parts of South Sudan and the situation is expected to worsen sharply as the lean season, four months away, draws near. In the lean season, food stocks are depleted and prices are expected to rocket. Declaring a famine means that people have started to die from starvation, and this announcement has been made long before the period in which stocks are usually reduced.

As a result of the continuing conflict, prolonged drought and the country’s economic crash, humanitarian organisations estimate that about 5.5 million people across the nation will need help. About 100 000 are at imminent risk of dying of hunger and about 250 00 children are severely malnourished. These numbers continue to rise, and aid bodies have called the situation catastrophic.

Helping Africa Help Itself

World Water Day 2017

Clean water is a basic human right, but the hard reality is that 319 million people in sub-saharan Africa don’t have access to safe water. Water related diseases are responsible for many illnesses and deaths in rural communities. Women and children in Africa are responsible for the collection of water and often walk for up to six hours each day to reach a water source. Their journey through various areas puts them at risk of attack and rape.

JAM is an African founded organisation committed to providing clean potable water to individuals and communities, including water and sanitation training to improve health. In the last 15 years we have drilled over 2 500 water wells. Take action to make a difference this World Water Day, help to provide life sustaining water to those in need.

Real Amazing Water
South Sudan appeal with Peter Pretorius
Real Amazing Agriculture

Real Amazing Agriculture

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